This is Version 2 of an online atlas that brings neogeography to Hadrian’s Wall, allowing access to its various components through the aerial coverage provided by Google Earth. This is not all Per Lineam Valli does, however, since it provides a range of other resources.

See and download the Per Lineam Valli map (status: current version 1.18) on the Atlas pages, see photographs and other resources on the Images page, and pursue relevant web pages from the Links page. Read about the new PLV ebooks on the PLV Books page and browse through a wide selection of relevant books (and other media) on the Bookshop page. It is now also possible to follow PLV on Twitter and read the PLV blog, which includes detailed illustrated accounts of the visible remains of the Wall from west to east and the inscriptions of the Wall. Search for useful images on the Resources page and, finally, find out more information on the project on the About page.

Originally designed as a teaching aid, Per Lineam Valli is being made available under a Creative Commons Attribution / Noncommercial / Sharealike (by-nc-sa) licence. Use it and enjoy it.

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