A Flight Along the Wall

I flew along Hadrian’s Wall photographing it in 2010 and you can find my photos from that trip here. Now you can enjoy your own desktop flight along the Wall with the aid of a PLV Google Earth file especially tailored to provide a tour along the Wall.

First Click on this file to open it in Google Earth. Now you need to do some preparation in GE‘s Options (Tools->Options on the menu bar). Go to the Touring tab and set them to look something like this.

touringoptionsExperiment with changing the Camera Tilt Angle and Speed if you like but these settings will give you a reasonable view during your flight. Now you can go back to the main Google Earth screen and highlight the tour (by clicking on it) and then play it (by clicking the Play Tour button).

tourinstructionsSit back as Bowness-on-Solway appears and you begin your flight from west to east along Hadrian’s Wall.

If you want to experience a flight along the Wall for real, however, you could try asking Border Air for one of their Hadrian’s Wall Tours. Chocks away, and watch out for the Picts in the sun!

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